Stephen Churchill Downes Reel 1


Narcissist Nation 1

Dir/DP/Ed/Audio: Stephen Churchill Downes

CD: Michael Souter / Souter Partners


Will Kurtz, sculptor:  I Have No Fucking Idea What the Hell I Am Doing In This World

Dir/DP/Editor:  Stephen Churchill Downes


Apocalypse - Karen Nielsen

Dir/DP/Editor:  Stephen Churchill Downes


Run Free (tonight)

Will "Rayne" Strongheart feat Jamie Lerose

Dir/DP: Stephen Churchill Downes

Editor: Carlos Lérias


Wild Horses Plight / Cana Foundation

Standing Rock Reservation, ND.

Created for Cana Foundation, which rescues and relocates wild horses onto Native American Indian Reservation lands.

Dir/DP/Editor: Stephen Churchill Downes